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From the simple supply of I.T equipment delivered to your desk, through to enterprise solution design, deployment, support and strategy, I offer a fully flexible and comprehensive range of I.T services to cover every aspect of your organisations I.T requirements.

From the most simple requirement to the most complex of solutions, I take great pride in providing you and your organisation with a transparent, single point, trusted and reliable partnership to take care of all your needs – Backed by  all major manufacturers and service providers, I have everything you need to make your IT procurement and deployment as simple and effective as possible.

Stop stressing about inefficient IT!

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Providing quality home user computer repairs and services nationwide, with over 25 years of professional experience, I am always happy to help with any and all computer issues. I pride myself with a personalized customer service, via remote troubleshooting and home networking solutions.


Running a business is always a challenge for any entrepreneur, as the stakes are high. A proper administration system is vital. Striving towards forging a long-term relationship with all my customers, I always ensure to give a reliable support and service at all times.


I offer a wide variety of business-oriented services which includes network surveillance, network design and even remote troubleshooting for both small and large businesses. My clientele includes many corporate clients from construction companies and tourisms businesses to financial groups.

What Sets Me Apart

From Your OEM?


  • Costs will average 40-60% less.
  • Globally available, multi-vendor (multi-OEM) expertise
  • No hidden agendas to drive an unnecessary tech refresh, only a hard-wired drive to serve and to solve

Hardware Maintenance

I offer customized support options, local parts back-up, call home support, 24x7x365 English, French, Mauritian-speaking, incident/asset tracking and a 29-year history of client satisfaction.

I can also provide independent maintenance on post-warranty assets, including (but not limited to): Dell, HP, IBM, Sun/Oracle, EMC, NetApp, Hitachi (HDS) and Cisco networking equipment.

From Other Third-Party Maintainers?


  • Steadfast in a commitment to service quality that exceeds expectations
  • No hidden agendas, only full transparency throughout customized service requests
  • Service quality over lowest-price solutioning
  • Unconditional consultation, rooted only towards your business success

Professional Services & IT Field Support


In addition to third party maintenance and support of IT enterprise hardware, I offer these additional professional services:  IT Equipment Relocations, Equipment Decommissioning (or IT Asset Disposition), Equipment Deployments (or IT Asset Installations).


I offer

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Frequently Asked Question

Why has my computer slowed down so much ?

It is important to run your computer at peak performance. Over time, regular use of your computer builds up unneeded files and fragments your hard disk. Bad computer habits also contribute to computer slowness. Using multiple programs at once, putting the computer to sleep instead of regularly restarting, browsing the Internet with multiple browser windows, adding plug-ins and services, and neglecting to perform regular maintenance. These all can add up to poor computer performance.

Why does my computer shut down by itself ?

Most computers today are designed to turn off automatically if any of its inner components overheat. Often, heat related issues occur when the computer is working hard, for example, playing a graphically intense computer game.

Why does my computer power on by itself ?

Waking up in the middle of the night is annoying, and it’s a problem that doesn’t just affect humans. Computers can have restless nights, too, tossing and turning as they turn on for no apparent reason, then go back to sleep after a set period of time. It’s likely another program or device is waking it up.

Why won't my computer power on ?

There are many possible answers. A computer that suddenly shuts off or has difficulty starting up could have a failing power supply. Check that the computer is plugged into the power point properly and, if that doesn’t work, test the power point with another working device to confirm whether or not there is adequate power.

The computer is on, but the screen is blank.

There may be an issue with the connection between the computer and the screen. First, check to see if the monitor is plugged into a power point and that the connection between the monitor and computer hard drive is secure. If the problem is on a laptop, then you may need to get a professional to fix it as some of the internal wires may be worn.

A lot of Strange Noises coming from your computer.

It’s generally a sign of either hardware malfunction or a noisy fan. Hard drives often make noise just before they fail, so you may want to back up information just in case, and fans are very easy to replace.

Why does my Computer Freeze all the time ?

When you computer freezes, you may have no other option than to reboot and risk losing any unsaved work. Freezes can be a sign of insufficient ram, registry conflicts, corrupt or missing files, or spyware. Press and hold the power button until the computer turns off, then restart it and get to work cleaning up the system so that it doesn’t freeze again.