About me…..

      Who Is Anthony ?


Humble Beginning

Once a new technology rolls over you, if you’re not part of the steamroller, you’re part of the road.

Since the 80’s up to now, I have an obsession for computers and technology. It was so fascinating that I started attending night classes.

Soon friends and family started asking me for help fixing their computers. In the year 1999 I started as an independent computer technican and started offering computer support, sales and repair.

In business since then, I have served over 2500 home and small business clients throughout Mauritius and Rodrigues, offering the best services for computer and mobile.

I’ve made it my mission to keep your devices in perfect working condition, so your malfunctioning technology never slows you down. From MacBooks to PC’s to Androids and more, there is no smartphone or computer I can’t help you with.

For over a decade, I’ve dedicated myself to professional service and customer satisfaction. I understand that you have options when it comes to device repair and technical support. I want to show you why I’m the best choice for screen repair, hard drive services, Apple products, and all repairs large or small.

From Androids and iPhone repair, to PC or Mac repair, upgrades, data recovery, small business IT support, and so much more – look no further!

Let’s Get Social


I’m appreciative to have friends and customers from so many walks of life around the world. One of the best ways for all of these perspectives and points of view to come together is through social media. I know not everyone has the time to keep up to date with the plethora of applications and sites out there, so here is a brief run down of how we can connect!

Your computer, would tell you to call me!

It’s ok.

I speak computer.

57 22 10 71


59 22 10 71